How long does it take to deliver?

Delivery takes 3 working days. We deliver to ANY location in South Africa

Why are the perfumes so cheap?

In early 2015, my friends and I decided to embark on a Euro-Asia tour as we had never been overseas before. As we were trekking through the various countries, we toured a few factories to see how differently other countries worked compared to South Africans.
This is where I found out how ridiculously cheap items are when they are bought directly from the factory. I asked the factory manager “why?”. His explanation was simple… “the raw materials are sourced at next to nothing, the labour is cheap, there is no marketing/advertising budget that needs to be built into the price and there are no transportation costs”.
I took down contact details & as soon as I was back in South Africa, I started looking for courier companies that were reasonably priced because my competitive edge was going to be pricing. We found a courier company that delivers at a very good price. We started selling to friends & family, then grew from there
Place your next order with us, trust me, it will be worth it…

Do you have testers?

Due to logistical challenges we don’t supply testers

Do you have a physical store that we can visit?

Not at the moment. We are definitely looking into incorporating a brick and mortar strategy to our business model.

Do you accept cash on delivery?

We unfortunately work on an order and a payment basis before we deliver. The reason for this is because we use Fastway and The Courier Guy to deliver our products. They refuse to collect cash on our behalf. So there is no COD.

Do the perfumes come in their original packaging?